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Since                 1899  

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Thanks to our family savoir-faire, we select all our armagnacs with the greatest care to offer you a unique experience and help you discover the secrets of our terroir.


Through a wide range of aromas, let each year tell you its story…
More than 60 vintages continue to age in barrels, so do not hesitate to ask us about a particular year.

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Armagnacs selected and blended with the greatest care,
through 5 qualities: VSOP, XO, Hors d’Âge, 20 years and 30 years.


A fruity, balanced and regular blend of armagnacs, the youngest component of which is a 4 year old armagnac.

Mahogany eyes with copper highlights, a nose of fresh fruit, candied citrus, spices and vanilla, a supple attack on the palate, where fresh fruit, vanilla and honey are found.


A blend of harmonious and balanced armagnacs, the youngest component of which is a 10 year old armagnac.

Clear amber eyes with copper highlights, a nose with woody notes of vanilla and cocoa, a harmonious, fresh, fruity, pleasant and balanced palate with a very good length.


A blend of lively and complex armagnacs, the youngest component of which is a 15 year old armagnac.

A golden eye with orange reflections, a nose of great finesse marked by orange zest, woody vanilla and smoky notes, a powerful attack on the palate, with hints of spices and liquorice, a finish of wood and cooked prunes.

70 cl – 40°

20 ANS

A subtle and harmonious blend of armagnacs, the youngest component of which is a 20 year old armagnac.

Bright eyes with amber reflections, complex and elegant nose, aromatic and fresh palate, with a nice length and a finish on sweet spices.

30 ANS

On a 1993 base, a unique and historic blend of very old vintages.                              

Deep amber eyes, delicate nose of truffles and nuts, mouth with flavours of fresh apricots, plums and hazelnuts, long and woody finish. 

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All the character of Armagnac, revealed right out of the still. For cocktail lovers, or simply the curious, this young, unaged Armagnac will surprise you with its powerful fruity aromas.

Crystal clear eyes, floral and fruity nose, intense attack in the mouth with notes of yellow fruit and a spicy finish.

70 cl – 40°


The perfect balance between gourmet fruit, a hint of sweetness and the strength of a young armagnac. Based on the family recipe, unchanged for over 50 years.

Apricot, cherry, clementine, fig, raspberry, mirabelle plum, blackberry, blueberry, pear, prune, greengage or cocktail.

4 cl, 9 cl, 30 cl, 50 cl, 1L – 16°


The right harmony between the aroma of fruit and a strong Armagnac, with a sweet background. Family recipe unchanged for over 50 years.

Apricot, blackcurrant, cherry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, hazelnut, orange, pear, vanilla.

De 3 à 70 cl – 18, 25 ou 36°


Authentic nectar, born from the union of a fermenting grape juice and a young armagnac, which offers freshness, sweetness and flavour, in the greatest Gascony tradition. To be rediscovered as an aperitif for its wide range of fruity aromas.

Red or white

70 cl – 17°


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Prince de Gascogne

Société Française des Grands armagnacs

18 rue d'Artagnan

32 440 Castelnau d'Auzan, France