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Discover the art of tasting: for the older armagnacs, in a balloon or tulip glass at the end of the meal; for the younger armagnacs, or the Blanche d’Armagnac, enjoy the creative game of cocktails.


When summer comes, the Mojito is an essential cocktail. Fresh and sparkling, we have revisited this classic for your pleasure.


– 6cl of white armagnac

– Lime slice

– Mint leaves

– 2 teaspoons of cane sugar

– Soda water

Mojito à l'armagnac

Armagnac Tonic

Have you tried the Armagnac-style Gin Tonic? We woud love to hear about it!


– 4cl of VSOP or XO Armagnac

– 20cl of tonic

– Pieces of grapefruit

Armagnac Collins

A simple combination that will please the most classic of tastes!


– 4 cl of VSOP or XO Armagnac

– 2 cl lemon juice

– 1 cl sugar

– Sparkling water

– Lemon slice

Armagnac Collins

Spritz Gascon

The traditional Spritz revisited thanks to the orange liqueur, a recognized value in Gascony.


– 1 part orange liqueur with Armagnac

– 7 parts sparkling wine,
champagne or prosecco

– 1/2 slice of orange


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Prince de Gascogne

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